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How To Pack for Dog Boarding: Is Your Pup Prepped?

So you’ve planned the vacation of your dreams, or maybe you’re just off to visit family for a few days out of state; either way, your pup needs to be packed and ready for a fun and exciting dog boarding experience. You’ll want to start planning for your pup’s dog boarding stay a few days in advance. This way, you’re ready to roll when it comes to ‘drop-off’.

First, connect with your dog boarding professionals to determine which items are absolutely necessary for your dog’s stay. These absolutes may be items such as:

  • Vaccination Records
  • Medications, and Instructions (if any)
  • Dates of your Leave and Return
  • Emergency Contact Information

Your dog boarding facility will want to be prepped with all the necessary information, to offer your dog a safe and healthy stay.

Secondly, there are often personal items that dog parents like to pack for their pooches. These items may include:

  • A Favorite Toy or Blanket
  • Special Food or Dietary Needs
  • Collar and/or Harness, including a Leash

Most professional dog boarding facilities will include any and all of the other items needed to provide your dog with a fun and exciting stay. Check to see if your dog boarding facility includes:

  • Complimentary Treats
  • Complimentary Toys
  • Independent Interaction Time
  • Play Time with Other Dogs
  • A Temperature Controlled Play and/or Stay Area (especially in warmer areas)
  • High Quality Bedding

We know you want your dog to have a great vacation while you’re on yours. Remembering to pack these essential items will make your pup’s dog boarding experience one that will allow you to enjoy your relaxing time away.