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Day care is a great way for your pup to have playtime and exercise while you are at work or away for the day. While your furry friend is at our pet sitting facility they will receive top-notch care and have a day full of fun!

Dog Day Care Includes:

Flexible pick-up and drop-off hours to fit your schedule
Accommodations available for pets that prefer to play alone
Frequent guests discounts (Buy 10, get 1 Free)

The ‘Hairy’ Details of Pet Sitting at
Scottsdale Pet Hotel:

Imagine being left home alone for 8+ hours a day, with nothing to do, often left within an enclosed space that’s only good for pacing. This is often the life of your dog when you go to work and leave him or her stranded at home.

Is it any surprise that your dog messes up the furniture or barks up a storm when you’re away? Your dog is bored and has excess energy to exert. Our dog day care services allow your dog to get rid of that pent up energy and frustration, while being supervised and loved on.

Our day care facility has flexible pick-up and drop-off hours to suit the most demanding of schedules, and a variety of other services available upon request.

What’s Included In Your Dog’s Day Care Stay:

Temperature controlled accommodations
Ultra plush bedding
Complimentary treats
Complimentary toys
Playing sessions with our staff and other dogs
One-on-One attention and praise
Dog Day Care Pet Sitting at Scottsdale Pet Hotel

Our team can also include add-ons such as a full shampoo and/or grooming service to ensure your dog is in tip-top shape when he or she returns home.

DayCare Full Day

Available Discounts

senior discount

military discount (with valid ID)

*Please also contact us for season rates, as rates are subject to change without notice.

DayCare Half Day
Half Day (4 Hours or Less)
Available Discounts

senior discount

military discount (with valid ID)

*Please also contact us for season rates, as rates are subject to change without notice.

A Typical Day At Scottsdale Pet Hotel’s Facility:

When the doors open early in the morning, we have a number of excited day care guests who are delighted to be reacquainted with old friends. We then break them up into appropriate groups where the pooches that get along best with one another are kept together and are allowed to exercise under our supervision.

Canines in need of a nap are allowed to sleep in peace and we also offer all pets a healthy snack to keep their mood elevated. We continue with the fun as they exercise together with many complimentary toys provided for their amusement. Our staff also offer plenty of praise to dogs whenever they behave well.

Obviously, some dogs are more energetic than others, but our pet sitting team always make sure that the doggies don’t overdo it. By the end of the day, the dogs in our day care are generally tired because they have spent all their energy having an amazing amount of fun! When they are returned to their owners, these dogs are ready for a relaxing evening at home. Our staff regularly speak to pet owners and share stories about their dog’s daily antics, while also discussing general progress. If we believe that certain dogs would benefit from one-on-one training, we explain this to their owners as well.

Dog Day Care Tempe - Scottsdale Pet Hotel
Dog Daycare, Affordable Pet Sitting Rates

When you choose Doggy Day Care at Scottsdale Pet Hotel, you are leaving your pet in the hands of the most dedicated and caring team of dog lovers in the area. For more information or to book a Dog Day Care session, call us at: 480.947.9636.

Also ask about our military and senior discounts!