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Know When It is Too Hot to Walk Your Dog

Living in the arid, desert climate of Arizona, it is especially important to know how to care for your pet in the year round heat. Even if the outside air temperature is manageable, the sidewalk may still be too hot for your dog’s unprotected feet.

Use These Simple Tips to Find the Best Time to Walk Fido! 

  • The sidewalk on a hot Arizona day can easily reach temperatures upwards of 150+ °F,
  • Dogs, even with their calloused pads, will begin to feel pain at around 120 °F when standing on hot pavement.
  • Burning and tissue damage will begin at 140+ °F after only one minute of contact with the hot surface.
  • Walk your dog in the early morning, as the sun has not had a chance to bake the pavement yet.
  • Take a walk in the early evening after the sun has set. Be cautious though, as residual heat may still be hiding in the pavement.


When in Doubt, Use The “5 Second Rule”  To Test Hot Pavement:

  • Place the back of your palm (its most sensitive area) on the surface you wish to test


  • If  you are unable to keep your hand on the cement for 5 seconds or longer, due to pain or discomfort, it is too hot to walk your dog!




Utilizing these simple tips and information can help you and your dog successfully navigate a healthy, happy Summer!