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Scottsdale Pet Hotel is known for the Valley’s Finest Dog Boarding. Nothing matters more to us than our occupants, which is why we go above and beyond typical boarding facilities to help our customers rest easy knowing their loved ones, our guests, are in good hands.

Each of Our Guests Receive:

Climate controlled accommodations
2 Complimentary play times
Premium dog food
Ultra-soft bedding
Complimentary treats

For additional goodies and play times, contact our staff.

Kennel Room Accommodations:

Indoor climate controlled suites
Soothing music played 24 hours a day
5 large suites with televisions available at request
3 shaded & misted outdoor play areas
Toys provided (or bring your own)
Individual hands-on attention for guests
Oversized runs for larger breeds

If you wish to bring your dog’s favorite bed, toy, food, or treats, you are more than welcome to do so. Scottsdale Pet Hotel provides a variety of bedding, toys, and treats complimentary, but we understand bringing a piece of home is often comforting to both owner and pet.

More About Dog Boarding Accommodations with Scottsdale Pet Hotel:

Our pet hotel is the perfect retreat for your dogs! All of our dog boarding guests receive personal attention times, loving pets, cushioned bedding, toys, treats, and soothing music for their entire stay. Many of our doggy accommodations can house more than one guest if you are bringing multiple dogs from one household. Additionally, there several large television suites are available.

Scottsdale Pet Hotel is equipped with three large outdoor play areas that include shaded and misted play pools for your pet’s comfort We also have two indoor play areas that are air-conditioned or heated, dependent on the season.

Special accommodations can be made for those guests with special needs or for those pets that prefer that play alone. TLC suites are reserved for sensitive pets or pets with special needs. Just let us know ahead of time that you have a sensitive pup and we’ll make sure your pet is completely comfortable in his or her environment. The TLC suites are also directly next to our office, so a staff member can see them all day long.

Canine Cuisine:

We serve all of our guests premium dog food but also encourage pet owners to bring whatever is served at home. Food brought from home should be provided with specific instructions for our staff.

The Scottsdale Pet Hotel Difference:

We view dogs in the same way that hotels see you: as honored guests. As far as we are concerned, nothing is more important than the health, safety, and happiness of the guests we look after, ensuring your loved one is guaranteed first class dog boarding.

We go far beyond the typical kennels in our service, so passionate pet owners can rest assured that their beloved pooch will be taken care of like any member of the family.

When you use our boarding services, you can rest assured your pet has a safe and secure environment in which your pet will get used to quickly, thanks in no small part to our dedicated team of professional animal handlers. We ensure that your pet is never left alone so if your pet is sick or simply lonely, there will always be a friendly face. Unlike common dog kennels, where pets are often tossed into a small, unhygienic space, your pet will receive a clean and peaceful location with special blankets to keep them warm and toys to ensure they are occupied. We also take security very seriously and have a team working around-the-clock to make sure unauthorized access is completely prevented.

Dog Boarding Accommodations with Scottsdale Pet Hotel
The Scottsdale Pet Hotel Difference

Our Dog Boarding Accommodation Rates:

1 - 50 lbs
One Dog, One Room = $36

Two Dogs, One Room = $62*

Three Dogs, One Room = $88*

Additional play time requests and services are $6 per 20 minutes.

* If Dogs from the same household share a room.

** Please also contact us for season rates, as rates are subject to change without notice.

50 - 100 lbs
One Dog, One Room = $40

Two Dogs, One Room = $69*

Three Dogs, One Room = $98*

Additional play time requests and services are $6 per 20 minutes.

* If Dogs from the same household share a room.

** Please also contact us for season rates, as rates are subject to change without notice.

Luxury Suite
One Dog, One Suite= $48

Two Dogs, One Suite = $78*

Three Dogs, One Suite = $108*

Additional play time requests and services are $6 per 20 minutes.

* If Dogs from the same household share a room.

** Please also contact us for season rates, as rates are subject to change without notice.

Extra Services:

Extra Goodies & Services
Individual Playtime $6.00 per 20 mins
Daycare while Boarding: $11
Ice Cream Treat $3.00 each
Extra Walk $5.00 per day

More Services:

Meds (Pills/Drops) $4.00/day
Meds (Injections) $5.00/dose
Frontline Plus: $21
Departure Bath: $25 (not including nails)
Special Prep Meal $2.00 per day, only if cooking/heating required

Available Discounts:

frequent boarder discount

senior discount

military discount (with valid ID)

Everything You Need to Know Before You Book with Us:

To keep all pets at Scottsdale Pet Hotel safe, we do require proof of veterinarian administered vaccinations. Guests are required to have a: current rabies vaccination, a yearly combination parvo/distemper booster, and a bordetella vaccination given within the last year. We do not accept self-administered or breeder given vaccinations.

Bringing a little taste of home always seems to make our dogs feel most comfortable. So feel free to bring your pet’s bed, toy(s), and just about anything else that will may the stay more comfortable. If you do not wish to bring these items, know that Scottsdale Pet Hotel will provide them with each stay.

You may check your pet in or out anytime during our normal office hours. We do allow pick-up or drop-off after office hours by appointment only.

We at Scottsdale Pet Hotel are very proud of our dog boarding facilities and encourage you to stop by for a tour any time during our normal office hours. No appointment is necessary, and we’d love to also have you meet some of our guests!

Dog Boarding in Tempe, Affordable

Our Promise To You:

We promise to keep your pet in the best possible shape mentally and physically while you are away. Our team constantly monitors each guest to make sure they do not have untreated medical conditions and are in good spirits at all times. At the first sign of a problem, we contact a vet who carries out a thorough inspection, to have treatment provided, if necessary.

Your dog will never spend a day in a confined space, as we promise a minimum of two complimentary play times where your pet is allowed to work off his or her excess energy with the other guests. While you are encouraged to bring any special dog food, we offer the highest quality food to our dog boarding guests and take note of any special requests from pet owners. When you return from your break, your pet will be as refreshed and relaxed as you are, thanks to the combination of climate controlled accommodations, premium quality food, soft bedding, ample playtime, and complimentary treats.

For Scottsdale Pet Hotel to promise the good health of all our canine guests, we require that owners provide verified veterinarian certifications of vaccinations and all canines will be given a special flea and tick treatment before joining the other dogs.

We are delighted to offer one of the most all-encompassing dog boarding establishments in Tempe, Arizona and surrounding areas – and – we have hundreds of delighted pet owners to prove it. If you want to enjoy a stress-free vacation with the knowledge that your canine is receiving ultimate care, contact us today at 480-947-9636 to book his or her stay.