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Why Are Dogs So Loyal?

Dogs have always been known as ‘man’s best friend’, and there’s a significant reason for that. Dogs have loyalty in their blood, but it’s also instinctual, from years of learning. Wondering why dogs are so loyal, and why it’s important for your dog to receive the same behavior and love from you? Read on –

The Basicswhy are dogs so loyal

The basics of why dogs are so loyal are the obvious – food, water and shelter. An animal requires these items just like any human. Although, being domesticated, they now have to rely on their ‘human’ to receive these items.

Dogs know who in the family will fill up their food bowl, and they know that several members of the family give them a warm place to sleep at night. However, let’s get serious – it’s more than just foot, water and a bed.

Instinct and the Pack

Dogs are naturally affectionate. They are used to operating in a pack, as a family, and want to create a bond with you for the long-haul. They want to be loved, just like the next human, and they’ll do anything to feel that love.

As a part of the pack, you now also have the opportunity to love and be loved. You also have the responsibility of protecting those in the pack. Have you ever seen a dog go crazy when a child starts out of fear, or another dog gets too close to you? Your pup is protecting you, and the pack.

Care and Caring  why are dogs-so-loyal

Dogs have a unique insight to the caring soul. They understand when they are cared for and when their humans give extra care to them – taking them out on an extra walk, spending extra time playing or putting booties on their feet in the cold. Scientifically, it can’t be determined why this is, but it is.

Like any human – if you show caring toward them, they will return the emotion. Have you ever experienced a bad day, or have you been sick in bed? Who was the first one to crawl up on the bed and protect you? Who is the first one, to sprawl across your lap and give you those big loving eyes? Dogs.