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Why You Need to Hire a Professional Cat Groomer

Cats like grooming themselves, but to ensure their well being, it helps a lot to have Professional Cat Groomers do the grooming whenever possible.

The common consensus is that dogs should bathe regularly, so how is it that cats seem to escape such scrutiny? This is mainly because cats are known for grooming themselves constantly and this is somehow deemed to be enough. The reality is that cats don’t really ‘groom’ themselves at all. They ‘lick’ themselves, which basically involves spreading saliva around their fur. This is hardly the same as the professional service provided by a groomer, which includes cleaning and trimming. When a cat is ‘grooming’, he covers himself in saliva and also consumes lots of hair that is then regurgitated on the floor!

Enter the Professionals

You can change all of that today by hiring a reputable professional cat groomer who can bathe, blow dry, trim the fur, and cut the nails of your trusty feline. It can be difficult to find a professional since it is an unregulated industry, so you will need to do some detective work in order to find the best groomer in your area. We recommend looking for a groomer that has many years of experience and perhaps one that has some form of certification.

How the Pros Do It

Unless you have a lot of patience or have some form of grooming experience, you may have a hard time remaining calm and relaxed when bathing your cat. Most cats hate water and will always struggle against it. Professional groomers often give off a relaxing vibe that helps the cat settle into the process. An expert will have the ability to gently lather the cat’s fur and rinse off as quickly as possible without ever agitating the cat. The quicker the bath is, the less angry your cat will be.

Professional cat groomers will also know which special cat shampoo to use on your pet. Generally speaking, this will involve a hypo-allergenic shampoo that is lightly scented and free from chemicals. While you may be able to find this shampoo yourself, are you prepared to take the risk of choosing a product that is harmful to your cat? The most challenging part of the bathing process is drying the cat. Professional groomers use tricks like using a mesh screen for the cat to hold onto when he is being dried.

Above all, professional cat groomers have an assortment of specialized equipment that you likely will not have on hand, nor will you have the expertise required to properly use it. For example, there are special drying systems, such as the Catty Shack Vac on the market that dries cats faster than traditional blow dryers and they don’t spook the cat in the same way. Then there is the small matter of trimming the cat’s fur and nails. Again, certain equipment is required for this procedure and there is also a special technique involved. Amateur groomers could injure the cat while trimming his nails or make a mess of the fur cutting.

You can try bathing and drying your cat yourself; however, it is much easier to hire a professional. When it comes to cutting fur and nails, you really need to step aside and hire an expert cat groomer. If you were to make a mistake, it could have a severe impact on your cat’s well being and quite frankly, it isn’t worth the risk for the sake of saving a few extra dollars.