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3 Ways to Decide On a Cat or a Dog for Your Family Pet

cute dog and cats make great family pets

The most common choices for family pets are cats and dogs. Knowing each of their traits, needs, and personalities is crucial, so that you can meet your family’s expectations.

For some pet owners, you are either a ‘cat person’ or a ‘dog person,’ but what if you’re neither? Perhaps you simply want to have a family pet and have no real preference. Do you opt for a dog or a cat? We will explore the answer to this question but before we begin, we would like to point out that both cats and dogs are intelligent mammals that will make a wonderful addition to any family.

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1. Training

Some people may think that it is much easier to ‘train’ a dog than a cat in terms of obedience and performing tricks. However, it could be argued that it is necessary to train a dog in order for him to be a great pet, while this is not really a requirement with a cat. Housebreaking a dog is not an easy task and can quickly become messy and frustrating. Even after being fully trained, it is possible for your dog to have an occasional accident.

Cats on the other hand will not cause the same accidents as long as you have a litterbox and direct your cat towards it. Pet experts suggest that while dogs see their owners as ‘masters,’ cats are more likely to see them as equals. If you are looking for obedience and respect, a dog may be a better choice, but the independence and low maintenance involved with owning a cat also has its advantages.

2. Personality

It could be said that a cat’s personality is closer to that of a human since it covers a wider range of emotions than a dog. Throughout the day, you will see incredible mood swings from your cat, while dogs are more predictable and tend to be in an energetic, relaxed, or in a playful mood most of the time. Pet owners suggest that cats communicate better, since it is easier to read their body language in comparison to the blank stares of a dog which can be hard to decipher.

With a dog, you get unconditional love, loyalty, affection, and can easily gain their trust. In contrast, cats are rather picky and are very selective when it comes to giving their attention and love. So when it comes to choosing, it depends on whether you want the playfulness and affection of a dog or the independence and communication of a cat.

3. Cleanliness

If you are concerned with hygiene and cleanliness, then cats win this battle hands down. Aside from their breath, domestic cats rarely ever smell bad, whereas domestic dogs can really stink at times, which is why you should groom your pup at least twice a month. Cats also drool far less often than dogs; as the saying goes, “cats rule and dogs drool.” Canines also have a habit of eating absolutely anything they find, while cats are a tad more selective.

Overall, there is no ‘better’ family pet, so the choice of a cat or dog is entirely dependent on what you are looking for. If you want loyalty, affection, and don’t mind a bit of cleaning, a dog will be a wonderful addition to your family. If you are looking for better communication and a greater degree of independence, a cat could be the ideal choice.